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Post lamps

So this is the home we just finished. Bunch of lights everything looks awesome, except for the upper lever (ps I haven't taken pics sense we adjusted and lensed a few things, namely the wall washers)

On the upper level there are these existing line voltage bollards that really date the home not just that, they have what I believe to the be "turtle safe" bulbs that give everything up there a nasty color. (see below)

I'm wanting to change the bollards out with a lateen style street lamps (think bourbon street or something Mediterranean) we're also going to be changing the lanterns on the side of the home to sconces (most likely unique, since the vast majority of the fixtures here are unique) Anyone have a good source of 7-8' ornate street lamps? We also going to be downlighting the columns of the upper level to match what we up lit on the ground floor.

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