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17 year old starting with bare-minimum

I'm 17 years old and I'm from Massachusetts. I just recently started mowing my mom's friend's lawn every week for some spare money. I got 2 walk-ups my first day mowing the grass. One was for a spring clean up and the other just for a cut. One week later I have acquired 2 more biweekly contracts. None of these lawns are very large. At the moment I have my 1995 f250 8ft bed, a shitty wooden trailer, a 21" toro push mower, a kombi weed whacker that my grandpa gave me, an old stihl handheld blower, and some tools (shovels, rakes, etc.) I am making some money now but using this push mower takes some serious time. I can't fit these into a day after school. I have been trying to do them all on Saturday but have been doing mulching and other odd jobs for family for some spare cash. My question is when would buying a walk behind mower such as a scag be justifiable. I want to buy used because there is no way I can afford a new one. I also want a 36" because gates are an issue. I have made a little over a $1000 total so far. Also is there any brands that are cheaper than a scag but will still offer better cutting than my push mower. Also how much should I spend on one? I plan to try and grow this business. I am getting business cards made and made my own t-shirt with an iron on transfer at home. Any other tips on just starting out will be much appreciated!!! Also, down the road I would like to buy a ploy for my f250, do you think it is worth it? I have heard mixed answers.
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