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Originally Posted by brlally View Post
I'm 17 years old and I'm from Massachusetts. I just recently started mowing my mom's friend's lawn every week for some spare money. I got 2 walk-ups my first day mowing the grass. One was for a spring clean up and the other just for a cut. One week later I have acquired 2 more biweekly contracts. None of these lawns are very large. At the moment I have my 1995 f250 8ft bed, a shitty wooden trailer, a 21" toro push mower, a kombi weed whacker that my grandpa gave me, an old stihl handheld blower, and some tools (shovels, rakes, etc.) I am making some money now but using this push mower takes some serious time. I can't fit these into a day after school. I have been trying to do them all on Saturday but have been doing mulching and other odd jobs for family for some spare cash. My question is when would buying a walk behind mower such as a scag be justifiable. I want to buy used because there is no way I can afford a new one. I also want a 36" because gates are an issue. I have made a little over a $1000 total so far. Also is there any brands that are cheaper than a scag but will still offer better cutting than my push mower. Also how much should I spend on one? I plan to try and grow this business. I am getting business cards made and made my own t-shirt with an iron on transfer at home. Any other tips on just starting out will be much appreciated!!! Also, down the road I would like to buy a ploy for my f250, do you think it is worth it? I have heard mixed answers.
Good for you Brett. Stay with it and by the time you're in your mid 20's you'll be able to run the business instead of mowing every day, if that's your goal...both are good depending on what you want.

I would wait until you have at least 10 weekly accounts. Reason being is by then you'll be making decent money especially being only 17 years old. But I would wait until you had 10 weekly's and then buy a 36" belt driven walk behind. Check craigslist...a decent, used 36", I wouldn't pay more than $1200, that's pushing it. You'll find a good deal just be patient and don't buy the first thing you see until you look at a couple more too.

The plow question...I think it's a good idea, but again, I would wait until you have more like 15-20 snow customers. If you have any less than 15 I would buy a single stage snowblower. Single stages have rubber paddles instead of the 2-stage augers...and the rubber actually sweeps the ground so you get a cleaner look. Plus a single stage is so light you can pick up and throw in the back of your truck. An average driveway with an average storm, 4-6 inches, wouldn't take you more than 30 minutes and if you charge them around $30 per snow event, you're making a decent hourly wage there.

Any other questions just ask...welcome to the industry buddy.
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