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Been running Hustler Super Zs last 12 years. I sold a 60" standard deck last fall and still have a 66" XR7 deck running. Just picked up my 460 today. Will be a couple of days till I get all the accessories and such on and get it out to mow. I'll be happy to help with any questions between the two once I get some real seat time on the 460. For starters I already know the 460 31 Kawasaki is more powerful than either my 60" Honda 24 hp or my 66" 28 efi Kohler, rides better, better deck lift adjustment, better ride, pto clutch and belts are protected, bigger tanks than new SZ, deck flex linkage instead of chain, real key, perforated floor plates instead of no slip stickers, cheaper. Verdicts still out about no grease fittings, may be a little louder even with the larger Gravely muffler, two deck belts.
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