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Originally Posted by beaver29 View Post
Thanks mtmower, please keep me updated. I would like to know how it acts on ditch banks and steep hills. My SZ holds steep ditch banks great.
Sure will. Keep in mind I have my SZ tires worn down 1000 plus hours. I run them as long as I can worn so it doesn't tear turf quite as easy. The 460 will of course have new sneakers which will be 4 or 5 times more aggressive. The SZ use (or at least did) US made Carlisle tires. Gravely is using Taiwan made Kenda brand which IMO are as good or better with more sipping. The rear tires a just a smig smaller than the SZs. They're running a 24x11.5x12 instead of a 24x12x12. I'm running 12 PSI in the fronts and rears. Seems like all these ZTRs are coming with no-flats on the front which I'm not a fan of. They pick up grass clippings like a magnet and love to transfer them to hard surfaces. They also ride and handle worse IMO. I purchased the optional ribbed pneumatic front wheels (also Kenda).
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