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Originally Posted by Fine Gardens Landscaping View Post
It's probability fine to be unlicensed initially. If you pick up a few customers and it seems like the business is going to go then go ahead and get the license and insurance.
I would suggest you go ahead and get the license and be legit. You are operating a business if you are doing it for "friends" for profit. You will learn more about how to truly run a business and the reality of overhead. You will be ahead in the long run.

Note: After being in this business for many years I have noticed people take advantage of young people who will do work for less because they think "if I am charging $30 to cut this lawn I am making $30". These young people do not realize the true cost of doing business. I would challenge you to do this. Keep up with all the costs of doing business: the cost of your vehicle, equipment, insurance, fuel, maintenance & etc versus the actual income you are receiving. I know your parents probably bought your vehicle and maybe equipment but include it. In short run the business like you had to pay for everything. This will give you the reality of running a business in the real world.
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