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Originally Posted by StihlBR600 View Post
Haha ill go ahead and take a pic of the angle finder and ill park the Cheetah next to it. Today i cut this cazy steep hill and it held it better than my old Toro Z master. I was little disappointed about the ride quality and cut quality. so this morning i checked the air pressure in the rear tires and they were at 25 psi! i was pissed because the dealer said they went over everything before i took it home. Theyre supposed to be at 12 psi. After i adjusted the air pressure it made all the difference in the world.
That's something I learned a long time ago- never trust any dealer completely. Most are just wanting to move as much product out as they can. They always ship mowers from the factory to the dealer with the tires over-inflated since many of them come in with the rear's strapped down with banding iron, and they don't want any damage to the tires while the bands are still on. Your stripes look great BTW.
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