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Originally Posted by kirk_2892 View Post
The guys I know around here that have commercial mowing services don't sell used ones until they are really "USED" if you know what I mean. We live in a county with a lot of rocks. I am not sure I would want to used one from around here.

Also, any deck over 42 is going to make my work harder not easier, probably not going to find many commercial units that small.

Just sayin'

I will call my two buddies that have (competing) lawn services though. They might have some good ideas.



If the timecutter didn't hold up (used to own one) you may want to step up to a high end homeowner/light duty commercial at least, either that or get you a good used commercial model. Husqvarna has some pretty good higher end homeowner models, and Gravely does as well. I would definately buy a good used commercial unit before buying another timecutter type model. Remember a commercial ZTR with 1,000 hrs on it may still have a good 1,000-1,500 hours left in it. A new timecutter might have 500 hrs on it in life expectancy.

P.S. I think the 36" Gravely Pro ZTR might be perfect for you if you want a smaller deck. They are around 5k and are full commercial ZTR's. Several members on here run them.

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