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I am new to this (first time) I joined to get some "free" advice. To late to buy commercial I already purchased a Hustler 42" Sport yesterday. I have two lawns roughly 8000sq feet and another 1.7acres to maintain. The 1.7 acres has calves on it for 6 months. I asked the man working the counter about mulching the lawn and field. He advice was to buy a "cap" to cover the discharge for the lawns and then remove it for the field. He told me the blade speed with a cap would mulch?
OK the ?'s Do you recommend the side grass catcher, if so which one? (The rear bags are lots of $$$ but I will get them if needed) Do I buy the kit and mulch field&lawns? I know lots of ? but I would sure appreciate some feedback. What about the discharge cap working as a lawn mulch?
Thank you
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