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Yea. QOC and clipping dispersal is what made me start looking at other brands. I tried a couple of times to demo a SZ and hit a wall. Between cost and several threads on QOC issues I went with the first brand that impressed me over my early SZs. I'm somewhat limited to product where I live. No Scag. John Deere and Exmark full list and no demo. Demoed Walker Super B, Husqvarna PZ, and Bad Boy Outlaw.

So far I can tell you that the fit and finish on the Gravely is as good or better than Hustler. Being a darker paint fine scratches will be more apparent in the high gloss finish. The hitch kit I was told is supposed to accommodate a 2" ball hitch and it doesn't. I had to drill out the factory hole to 3/4" to install a ball. I'm guessing they did this for liability sake to keep excessive weight from being attached easily. The OCDC is different than any I've seen before. Well built but it requires you to have a rubber chute on to function which is something I'll have to get use to. I'm sure this again is due to liability. Not a big deal and something you'd have to get use to on any mower other than a Hustler is a separate parking brake. I was quoted $11,800 for a SZ 60" with the FX1000V. I got the 460 FX920V with every available option other than electric deck lift and chrome hubcaps for $12,500.00 using the fleet discount.
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