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Techniseal has been having some problems with their poly sand leaving behind this haze over the entire paver area after the job is completed. Seems worse on certain kinds of pavers. We've seen it more on pavers that have a very smooth finish on them, like a Holland paver. They say it happens more when the pavers are still slightly wet. I'm not sure I buy that because we're pretty careful not to apply when it's wet. But regardless, it has become a problem.

The Techniseal slurry cleaner does seem to help. But it's a giant pain in the butt. A lot of time and a lot of scrubbing.

Our main paver supplier looked into it and told me that the problem was that the binder that Techniseal is using is a concrete binder. And it's the concrete residue that's left on the pavers that creates that haze. So they started stocking this stuff called "Polysweep". It uses an organic binder instead. No concrete. We just used it for the first time on two paver patios we installed last week. Seemed to work really well. And didn't see any haze. But time will tell if it holds as well.

Anyway, I know what you are referring to. We've had a lot of problems with that here in the NW. Me and several other contractors, from what my supplier tells me.
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