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Originally Posted by ProStreetCamaro View Post
We cut most lawns between 3 to 3.5". We lean toward 3" in the spring then 3.5 once it starts to get hot out. At 3" it WAS actually cutting at 2 1/4". I always thought it seemed kind of short but the lawns looked good and nobody ever asked us to cut higher and they honestly did not brown out any faster than any other lco's lawns. It was just a couple weeks ago I bought the john deere deck leveling tool and almost shat myself when I checked our 160Z. I went ahead and leveled it up and got it set to where it is cutting 3" when it is in the 3" setting. From now on I am going to inform any dealer I am purchasing from that as soon as I get the mower home I am checking the cut height, pitch and level. If they are off it will be brought right back to them so they can set it correctly. That way they make a point of setting it up correctly before I pick it up.
LOL that's what I was wondering. How does the cut look now that you're at the correct height?
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