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Originally Posted by kirk_2892 View Post
Finally got a hold of my friend that has the commercial mower service. He says in our area, the only two commercial brands that have close service and repair are Dixie Chopper and Bob-Cat.

He has a used Fast Cat 48" which is a little larger than I wanted, but I think will work. It has 800 hours in it and he says he doesn't need it because it is too small for his contracts. He wants to sell it and get a bigger one to replace it. Asking $2500.

I looked up online and don't know if this is a Fast Cat Pro or a Fast Cat RZ. I will have to ask. It has the Kawasaki motor.
I myself don't like used equipment, but that is me. 800 hours is pretty low for a good commercial machine, but for the money, I still like that Iron Eagle you found. The only thing I can see wrong with it is that it looks to have a single cylinder engine, but for light residential use, it will be fine. I had the same engine on my first Hustler and it ran like a top. The Dixie looks to have a good bumper to bumper warranty also.

Now on the flip side, if it is the ProCat, then you might have yourself a decent machine. From the Specs, it looks like the ProCat is the only one with a 48" cut with a Kawasaki option, depending on the year. BobCats are good reliable machines and the guys that use them in the industry seem to love em. I would ride them both and see what fits your needs. You have to weigh the option of getting a brand new machine with a good warranty, or get the better commercial machine with some milage and the chance that things could go wrong. You can also save a few bucks at that. Good luck
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