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Echo Dying Lean

Since the carb initially did not allow the engine to do anything, there are 2 things you can try. One has already been mentioned. If it has an L mixture screw needle and an H mixture screw needle, try turning the L screw counterclockwise about 1/8 to 1/4 turn. The L and H screws are usually marked and the L screw will be the one closest to the engine. I feel that the fuel pump in this diaphragm carb has dried out somewhat (doesnt take long with E-10 in the gas). Retrieve the model number off of the carb and order a G &D (gasket and diaphragm kit) for it. They are really inexpensive and usually cure the hard-to-start and poor/no acceleration issues. This is a VERY common problem with 2-stroke weed trimmers of ALL brands.

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