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Originally Posted by southgalawns View Post
Nice, I have friends that say that 8.1L pulls great, but loves the gas just as much.
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Oh yeah, lots of power and torque. I got 8.75 on the last tank, thats with a little bit highway, mostly city and towing in the city. I'll probly be on the highway this wknd so we'll see what I'll get. It has 4:10s too btw. I have one buddy (biz partner) that has an 06 Cummins and had an 04 6.0 Chevy, he got 10 in the city, another buddy has an 03 6.0 Chevy and gets 8-9 (has 196k on it) and another buddy has an 06 6.0 Chevy and gets 9-10 with it. So for the extra power I have, getting 1 mpg worse is worth it.
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