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Originally Posted by JContracting View Post
Stripes after a dethatch & clean up

Their turf is rough as can be, that's as straight as the lines could be.

Saw this on Saturday.
I know that you have to start somewhere. But really, a roached walk behind on a snowmobile trailer, not strapped down I might add? Dude had a rotator light on his toolbox that was almost as big as the toolbox, also had plow mounts on what looked to be on a 400,000+ mile chevy half ton rust bucket. I'd be embarrassed to roll up to a property with a setup like that.
First of all, Nice truck! I love that body style. Second of all, you're right, you have to start somewhere. It's not our position to judge others no matter what. You have no Idea what this man's circumstances in life are! I have a good buddy of mine who just started up his own outfit about and hour south of me. He is absolutely the hardest worker I've ever met and/or seen in my entire life. He could work circles around me and I'm sure he could work circles around you. He is great at what he does, and he is does well at engineering up some real good ideas to fix different problems.

He is only 23 yrs old and he uses his grandparents 1992 chevy half-ton that has 235k miles on it and the bed is rusting through. He doesn't even have a trailer yet, he is working on saving up enough dough. He helps his parents out financially at times and he is always watching out for his younger brothers. His mowers are all exmark walk behinds, (36''metro, 60''TT, and just got a 2006 52'' TT). He works with me a few day out of the week. MY POINT IS, he has built up to what he has by searching for good deals, trading for labor on equipment and literally starting from nothing. He didn't have much help from his family financially.

May i recommend that you not judge other people, ever. The guy in your picture may be doing everything he can to feed his family. All-though his equipment isn't as nice as yours, he is still making an effort unlike many Americans who've given up and have decided to let Uncle Sam take care of them.
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