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Originally Posted by dmelideo View Post
I have three questions
1. What is your recommendation for cleaning under a Super Z deck? I have metal car ramps but they don't really lift the front high enough for cleaning.

2. Also, is it OK to use a high pressure sprayer under the deck? I have read this is not really advised.

3. Is there a liquid I can spray under the deck to help remove any wet accumulated grass? I have seen silicone aerosol sprays and used PAM in the past on small mowers.

Thanks in advance
1) A floor jack to raise the mower as high as you can go and then use jack-stands to secure it.
Or buy a mower lift such as the MoJack.

2) No it is not ok, we don't recommend it, it will blast water and debris in areas you don't want it.

3) I am not aware of any such liquids or sprays that work.

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