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Originally Posted by Gravely Commercial View Post
We're glad you enjoyed your Pro-Turn 400 demo. In response to your Fleet Program question, you are correct that you purchase $12,500 MSRP to get 20% off ($10,000 after the discount). We revised the website to clarify the details of the program -


Woooooo hold on a minute here. What you just did is messed up in my opinion. Just a couple hours ago it said spend $10,000 and get 15% off. The 460 I WANTED to buy is $10,999. So with 15% off it would have put me at $9349.15 which is perfect for me and put me in the price range I was looking for.

Now you go and revise the site after I ask about it so that I have to some how add another $1,500 to the purchase in order to get 20% off which only brings me back down to $10,000 even. I think that is a really messed up thing to do and is a form of false advertising.

Now I may not purchase the mower to be honest out of sheer principle. It is a shame because we have been running Gravely for years. We currently have a 160Z, 34Z and 36 walkbehind. I don't know how you will respond to this or if you will delete it but as soon as I post this I am taking screen shots for future reference. I am really at a loss for words here. I just can not believe you went and changed the site after I asked that question.

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