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here is another I snapped yesterday. Another treated yard I mow at 4.25".

I cant mow that high on 90% of the places I mow though because most folks around here just let what will grow grow. Those I mow 3.5".

If I werent so afraid of getting the brown look I would mow one of these same places on 3.5" and everyone would see what I mean. It just takes the rich green look out of a lot of yards when you mow that low but not all yards. Ive got a docter that lives across the street from me and he mows his grass low. Prolly 3" or so and it looks FANTASTIC! but that guy fertilizes the piss out of that yard to. I mean way more than the average person puts fert down. but it does show, he has one of the best lookin yards in the county. When he gets done, his yard looks like carpet!! LOL
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