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Originally Posted by jbailey52 View Post
Hi guys, I
We don't do ponds, but will be doing one in my backyard. What's my best bet for pond liners? Is there somewhere online that's worth buying? Seems the shipping would be killer, or do I just buy from a local pond shop I know of?

Your ONLY logical choice in pond liner is 45 mil EPDM 'Fish Safe', beyond that it doesn't matter who manufactures it.
On-line pricing will vary, in some cases, over $.10 sq/ft. I would look for a combination of best base price and proximity of the supplier. The closer they are, the less the freight charge. Odds are, you will pay considerably more per sq/ft from the local 'pond shop'.
Don't forget your geotextile underlayment!
If you don't already have the skimmer, biofilter, pump and specialty plumbing items, you may be able to secure everything from one source. This saves on per item shipping.
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