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Originally Posted by DieselHolic View Post
Too bad about the 6 leaker. everything looks good buddy.

Diesel for plowing, only way to go. LOW END TORQUE!
Thanks! I'm definitely feeling you about the diesel, but the 6 leaker has left a bad taste in our mouth. We all know Cummins are a whole other story though!

Originally Posted by JContracting View Post
Gassers slug down fuel when plowing. A couple buddies have 6.0 gassers, they'll go through a tank or 2 in a 7-8 hr night. Another buddy has an 06 cummins, it practically idles when plowing, he'll burn 1/4-1/2 of what they burn. But with a heavier engine, more wear on the front end and higher maintenance costs. I'm not exactly psyched to plow with my 8.1 because the fuel mileage
But its finally summer (kinda, its 55 degrees right now), why are we talking about snow?!?
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Yeah what are we talking about anyway!?

Tell me about the fuel mileage of your 8.1? Towing?
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