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Originally Posted by ProStreetCamaro View Post
Woooooo hold on a minute here. What you just did is messed up in my opinion. Just a couple hours ago it said spend $10,000 and get 15% off. The 460 I WANTED to buy is $10,999. So with 15% off it would have put me at $9349.15 which is perfect for me and put me in the price range I was looking for.

Now you go and revise the site after I ask about it so that I have to some how add another $1,500 to the purchase in order to get 20% off which only brings me back down to $10,000 even. I think that is a really messed up thing to do and is a form of false advertising.

Now I may not purchase the mower to be honest out of sheer principle. It is a shame because we have been running Gravely for years. We currently have a 160Z, 34Z and 36 walkbehind. I don't know how you will respond to this or if you will delete it but as soon as I post this I am taking screen shots for future reference. I am really at a loss for words here. I just can not believe you went and changed the site after I asked that question.

Our Fleet Program hasnít changed from the 1st version flyer to the 2nd version flyer on our website. We agree that the 1st version ( wasnít clear for the reasons you point out, so we tried to clarify this in the 2nd version ( Our Fleet Program states that the customer must purchase a minimum $10,000 (after the discount) or $12,500 MSRP (before the discount) of Gravely branded products on a single invoice from the dealer.

We apologize about the confusion, but we made the changes to the flyer as there were several people asking for clarification. Please contact your Gravely dealer for further clarification on the program details.

Thanks, and let us know if you have any other questions.

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