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Originally Posted by cgaengineer View Post
Depending on model it can be up to 3000's no less than 1500 according to my research.
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i would take those specs with a grain of salt.. i know to many people who bought f150's and f250s accroding to those specs and hooked a trailer to the trk and it sat on the ground.. now you go back to ford and fight with them...

i've fought with ford i have a 06 F350 with the 6.0L warranty time and the fighting will begin.. you can just about name the part on my engine its been replaced.. took it to them 2 summers ago bc it was smoking when i started it up first they told me its a diesel trk its supposed to smoke so i told them excuse me? i have worked in the diesel buiness for over 20yrs(had the local cummings dealer offer me a service mnger job) then they told me humidity was why it was smoking so i started cussing and the severice manger at ford told me i cant talk to him that way so i hung up and drove down there. told them i have never heard such bs in my life I want my trk and my invoice and make sure you put on there humidity is making my trk smoke in the morning...

then a month later it would smoke so bad you couldnt see the trk when you started it up now guess what it was.. egr cooler and head gaskets thats what the 6.0L are known for...
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