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making lawn crew work weekends?

My 2 man lawn crew has it pretty good. But sometimes they don't finish all the lawns at the end of the week making me look bad and lose money. I know 2 guys can cut my 60 yrds in 4 days, but most of the time they fall short, by a few. So i made a new rule that if they don't finish the lawn list by friday they have to work sat. I'm deffinately not a slave driver by any means but i just don't think there working hard enough and long enough during the week knowing that i've been catering to there weekends off. So i made a rule that they have to work weekends if they don't finish the lawns , they will get that note in the morning. I can understand if it rains 3 days a week then it will be hard to finish, I understand them not being able to finish then. What do you guys do about this issue with your mowing crews? Do you have the same problem or do you make them work weekends also to finish there work.
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