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Originally Posted by StanWilhite View Post
This is another "personal preference" thing, but I've seen several blade manufacturers literature that says the correct grind angle is 27 degrees. To me, 45 degrees sounds like it may be a little too much, but I do understand your logic. I'm sure the nicks don't dig in as deeply when the angle is 45 deg.

I wonder if the air flow over the blade (before hitting the sail) would be affected by any significant amount if the grind angle is at 45 deg? Don't know how much difference (if any) there would be in the cutting results of a 27 deg blade versus a 45 deg blade. That might be a good experiment for someone with a little extra time on their hands.
27, 30, 45 degrees. This question is not unlike "what kind of oil should I put in my engine?"

These kind of discussions always prompt a question for me: How do the grass cutters in the field know more about the engineering of these mechanical devices than the engineers who do the design?

If those riding their ZTRs, following their w/b mowers, etc. are much better at deciding what is the right oil, what is the right angle, and similar, there is lots more money to be made sitting at the design desk. And, these folks can skip all the education, and go right to drafting the specifications.
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