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Originally Posted by JABBERS View Post
I like to research all my major purchases. I run 9.5 psi in my rear tires so I realize this. While I'm waiting for a demo I like to do some research. I heard the turf tiger is good but I haven't really heard how bad the cheetah is on hills.
I purchased a Scag Cheetah this year at the beginning of March, with the 61" Velocity Deck, and the 31HP Kawasaki engine. I mostly mow commercial church properties, and 1 in particular has some slightly steep hills. This is the best I can provide you with mine.

When I ride perpendicular on the hills it isn't so bad as long as the ground isn't wet or I'll slide slightly at the ends when I make my turns to cut the other direction. Or I'll slide a little if my speed is too fast when I hit a bump in the ground.
When I go up and down the hills head on it does pretty good, I have the throttle up and go slowly up the hill, because I can hear the extra strain I'm putting on the mower when I am climbing a hill. I have had no issues with tearing grass up, or damaging anything, but just the sliding when ground is damp in early morning or after rains.

Hope that helps,
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