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Truck advice

Hey guys, I have a 2005 F150 XL extended cab work truck (base options, 8', bed, automatic trans, 4x2) with the 5.4. It has been used as a work truck since the day it came off the lot to replace the previous 150 and now after several years and 150k it may be time to consider a new one. I say this because I am having 1 major issue with it, it sounds like a diesel! From what I have been told something has gone wrong with the lifters possibly, another suggestion was an issue with the cam, but regardless it misses when backing up sometimes and has done it a few times in drive as well. It has lived up well to the Built Ford Though name, so what I'm looking for advice on is should I have a new/used engine dropped in or is it time to trade it in for a new ecoboost or F250? Everything else on the truck works as it should and it has seen regular maintenance, but being in Ohio it does have some body / frame rust. So any experience / advice is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!
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