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Originally Posted by 94gt331 View Post
Hey buddy keep up the good work.I know that your just starting out now, but by reading over your posts you seem to be real into getting your buisiness growing and you seem to really enjoy it, that's good. Keep up the good work maybe advertise a little and set some goals before you know it you'll have 15 lawns this year and 25 next year and 40 following year. Grow slow and smart. Be fair with your prices, follow through with your customers and be prompt. When you upgrade with your mower decision buy a mower that will handle a decent work load don't rush any buying decisons. Your pushmower can handle 15 or 20 lawns a week. Good luck. I read your posts it reminds me of starting out 8 years ago.
Thank you very much for the encouragement. Yes I am starting out, but I intend on growing as quickly/efficiently/wisely as I can. I lost my job, so this HAS to work out; I am determined that it will. I have the only color ad in the yellow pages (that just came out yesterday actually) and am #1 on the internet in my area as of a couple weeks ago, so hopefully just the combination of those two things will help here real soon. Again, I really appreciate your encouragement.

Also, judging by your screen name, you're a Mustang guy. Me too Last one i had was an 86 Hatch GT that I built up nicely. If interested check out my youtube vid:
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