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That is a tough spot depending on your people. I know when my crews used to be out mowing that there was a lot of wasted time spent in gas stations, texting, smoke breaks, etc. I would switch between my three crews and try to keep everyone on there heels. Employees will never be a quick as you or I will be. That is just part of it. It is our money and the faster we can get it done the more money we can make doing something else. They are getting paid by the hour so the longer they take to complete there jobs the more money they make and less the company makes. I considered doing a pay per job type of system. They get x amount on a certain account and it has to be approved by manager or me before they get paid that week. If it is not done to my specs they redo till correct. This puts them in our shoes as the faster they get done the more money per hour they make or more free time they have to do whatever. My main concern was always quality control. If you run the crew with them that wont be a issue. When I do go back to having a crew again I am going to pay them per job. I think it is fair to everyone involved if done right.
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