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I'm the proud owner of a 460 and have a few good cutting days under my belt. Once again guys, nice product! I didn't think it would be possible but I do believe that the 460 is going to be a more productive mower than my Hustler Super Zs were. I'm actually actively trying to sell my other SZ so I can now replace it with another 460. Shoot I'd even sell my 36" Encore hydro-pro walk behind and replace it if I could.

As I said before I'm very picky and so far my gripes are, as mentioned in my earlier post, optional mulch bolts extended through the deck hanging out under the bottom (I fixed this using nylon bolts and cut them down so they are flush with bottom surface of deck), mounting system of the bagger could be thought out better, and hinged discharge shoot instead of manual.

I would add making the steering sticks longer so they come closer together by about another 1". It's not bad but this would make it a little easier when steering with one hand.

OCDC is very poor design. Hard to function even when loosened up, chute flap is in the way and effects clippings dispersal, and hard to operate due to clippings getting stuck in air holes and being chopped off or forced through the slot when trying to raise/open.

Seat position. I'm almost 6' and need it all the way back. Fine for me but taller folk my like a notch or two more. The bigger problem lies in the throw of the deck lift pedal. With the seat all the way back and pedal in the middle position I can just comfortably get the deck to lock into transfer position. With the deck set a 3" and my foot on the pedal, the pedal is so far back that it puts my knee in the air and my leg at quite an angle. I had adjust the steering sticks down one notch (2nd from the bottom), to get the most comfortable position for my arms in relation to the seat armrests, but had to put them back due to my knee hitting the stick. Even back at the original setting (2nd from the top) if I'm close to full forward stick it will touch. If I move the pedal adjustment to the forward position then I'll have trouble getting enough reach to get into transfer position. I will say I've run into this situation or one similar to many mower brands I've tried.

Rubber flap for striper, IMO, should be thick conveyer material and I think two positions would be enough when it comes to mounting options.

Hitch kit needs hitch hole drilled out to 3/4 to accept a ball hitch.

Again great mower. May I have another please?!?!
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