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Originally Posted by Starbuy View Post
AIRCORP, your input here is priceless. I'm sure every property owner would agree. Thank you for taking the time to educate us!!!
Amen. I guess I should thank Dupont for giving me plenty of time to study and consider the present and future damage. I sure don't want my property labeled as a hazardous soil site and me take the blame.

Star, this article from Perdue says the same thing you are saying, its not just our trees (bushes, fruits, vegetables, flowers and anything else in the way)

1. Site location. Identical trees on two different sites may be valued quite differently. For example, a large, healthy tree in a remote location on a golf course fairway would not rate as highly as the same tree in a residential yard.

2. Functional and aesthetic value. Trees function as visual screens, windbreaks, climate moderating elements, architectural elements, sculpture, background, framing and unifying elements, in air purification, and can provide cover for wildlife. An evaluation of the tree’s role in the landscape is essential to accurately assign a location value.
The pdf hasn't been updated since 06 but I'd say their figures and values are still the same

My tree company (the one that Dupont has on the list) measured my trees in base inches. I have my estimate from the tree company on 2 inch trees so I have a good idea

Location, condition, tree base, cross section, class tables are all there with value of species.
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