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Cindy, that link is excellent as well as your keen observations on the real value differences being noted between how much more appraisal value there is in a tree on a residential property compared to that same tree on a golf course, due to various reasons described in that link. Dupont's attempt to treat everything as one-value-fits-all price per foot simply doesn't add up according to true appraisal studies on real estate.

Just more papers to add to my potential courtroom arsenal of information. I'm the type of person that just because I have an attorney for something and their appraisers doesn't mean I don't look after everything and have input throughout. Just like I never let someone manage my money blindly, but keep tabs on everything and make moves accordingly when markets turn or when I know they are about to. I helped some protect and even make money during 2007/2008 when the markets headed down because I told them to ignore their money managers who said everything was rosey in 2007 (some listened, some didn't). I knew in the summer of 2007 we were headed for a deep recession because I study, study, study. It pays to stay on top of what we own and protect what we've worked so hard for and same goes for our landscape value. Just my views.

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