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Originally Posted by Skipster View Post
From you UMN link:

Generally, inoculated organisms will not last long if the environment is not suitable. If the environment is suitable, the organisms are probably there anyway. Good organic matter content along with good moisture and aeration are all that most beneficial microbes will need.


So, your own link says that inoculation is probably not necessary, since inoculated organisms don't last long in the right enviro, and are already present if the enviro is right.

Some people will believe anything a salesman tells them. WC Fields said there is one born every minute. You certainly haven't disproven him.
I think you are missing the point 100%. There is no need to get big internet britches either.

I would not innoculate fertile soil. In your first example, a sports field built using 80% sand and 20% organic matter. Great!

The conditions I am talking about ( go back and re-read my posted comments) is where the track home builders strip off the top soil, build houses and throw down soil with 1/2 of roots.

I show you a trial where Texas A&M restoring a strip mine. You can not acknowledge there is an application but start tossing insults.

I am sure we do not even need to plant trees or grass. They would grow anyway.
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