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Originally Posted by Skipster View Post
I think the point you're missing is that there is no evidence to suggest that the subsoil in new construction sites is devoid of soil microbial activity. The research plainly demonstrates this!

You can apply whatever snake oils you like, but don't ruin the industry by telling customers that you can impact soil microbial populations or activity with a spray application. The science tells us that it can't happen.

Some people really will believe anything
One, I do not think I said it was the end all. I also think I said I injected in the top 8 to 12 inches or inoculated the tree when planting.

I do again believe that the impact is proven in the greenhouse. Many growers are now including it in their programs because it produces better plants. I have had a great deal of success down here.

I see trees kicking off in the wild and in street median in last years drought. I planted 3 trees the summer prior and 3 trees the year of the drought. I injected around them one time last year and again this spring.

They are thriving and living off nothing more than turf irrigation. While I see trees with gator bags on them struggling.

As far as turf management goes, I would always recommend aeration top dressing to the person wanting a top notch lawn. I will also bacteria on it too, yes it has seaweed, humates, trace minerals, and a small amount of N and K and a relatively healthy dose of iron.

I kick up the N to about 1/2 Pound and hit it with Primo max.

I have tried other forms of IRON and trace mineral packets and such and they also work but not quite as well.

How about you try your own trials and see.

I suppose you never heard of the Dust Bowl or the causes of the famine outbreak in Africa.
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