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All I can say its very tough at the moment, as we are in a down turn customers are asking for bigger and bigger discounts while are costs go up. Many Medium sized landscape maintenance companies have gone out of business. Last year we made a loss. At present it is about survival of the fittest. We make our money on volume and going the extra mile for customers. We bought an Amazone Profihopper 4x4i this year which was "very expensive" €42k = $52k, its a 4x4 zero turn and it will cut, collect & scarify in one pass. It means we can do sites every two weeks instead of every week during the growing season. It also collects grass like nothing else out there. Grass over hear is usually wet and heavy hence. If a site gets away from us we send in the Amazone. We use agri diesel in all the large mowers, only use petrol for strimmers/ hedge trimmers & small mowers. The average hourly charge across the industry here is €30-€40 per man hour.
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