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This one is in my binder

One more that's local

Benefits of Biological CO2 Sequestration
Kentuckians can take advantage of the future demand for carbon offsets by selling their sequestered carbon in the marketplace. Though carbon markets are currently in their infancy, and prices are often subject to political and policy changes, these markets continue to grow and will offer a new way for landowners to reap a financial benefit from their activities.
Carbon credit buyers are essentially buying a promise that a particular amount of carbon dioxide will remain sequestered for at least 15 years. For this reason, buyers require proof that the investment is verifiable and monitored. Aggregators, organizations that verify, monitor and combine carbon offsets, fill this need. Aggregators facilitate the process of verification and monitoring while helping landowners find buyers for their offsets. Additionally, aggregators combine the offsets provided by many different landowners into one larger contract. This helps mitigate the risk of loss from natural disaster, theft or other type of reduction in CO2 storage capacity.

In Kentucky, aggregators are already at work helping Kentuckians sell their offsets. The Kentucky Corn Growers Association (KYCGA) and the Mountain Association for Community Economic Development (MACED) currently aggregate farm and forest offsets, respectively.

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