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Originally Posted by Justin5309 View Post
Okay so i just bought a used cub cadet tank (command cut) with high lift blades to cut a few lawns to see if I may want to get in the biz.

Unfortunately the mower is leaving large quantities of grass clippings when I side discharge. I cut frequently so the length of the lawn is not the issue. The blades may need to be sharpened but they don't seem that dull. I do drive it fast but that is what I thought it is meant to do. The other day I cut a customers lawn in a circle and raked the large pile at the end but I don't want to have to do this every time.
<<My Emotions as i read your post... lol

Well first things first Dont cut fast if you want a Quality Cut ESPECIALLY if its long.
Double cuts are sometimes necessary if the clumps look really bad. But DO NOT DOUBLE CUT THE SAME PATTERN! (if you cut it the first time side to side, do the next cut up and down.) Less ruts. I would never rake a customers lawn lol!
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