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Originally Posted by mtmower View Post
I guess it depends on which style fits your deck. On their web they show an Exmark with what looks like a long spring that is compressed. On the video he sent of the Scag and Kubota it has a small pneumatic shock. But in a couple of the videos I watched showing the Exmark in action they said that the flap would eventually give if the deck got too full keeping the mower from bogging down. In the video they don't keep them down long enough to really show you.
Except for all the "bits", the Grassflap looks ok to me but I dont know how it would hold up long term.
The Powerchute had issues with the motor failing some time ago. I wonder if theres been any changes?

Mate, for probably less than $20 you could make up your own blocker. May not be foot activated but still, if you make it yourself out of readily available (less moving) parts, IMO its the way to go!

Whats going on with the guillotine blocker all ready on the deck?
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