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Originally Posted by Justin5309 View Post
Okay, well let me ask you this. If I mow slower does this mean the grass that is being cut will remain under the deck longer and subsequently be cut up more timers before discharging? I ask only because it appears that the grass is being fired out the discharge chute as soon as it's cut regardless of how fast I mow.
I'm not sure, but it seems to disperse the clippings better is you travel slower. They clear the deck better. When you go fast, they pile up under the deck and pack into clumps.

Some other tips: If you have only a few customers, make sure that you are cutting the lawn when it is dry...later in the day. If the grass is extremely long, try setting the deck height higher for one pass, then drop it to 3.5" or 4" for a 2nd pass. Or if it isn't super long, but you get a few clumps, cut at the normal height, then do a pass with the blades set up higher to disperse the clippings. Sharpen your blades, scrape under the deck clean. Don't cut in circles, you will concentrate the clippings. If you have to bag it, bag on the second pass, it will be easier.

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