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Justin, deck depth and design is what holds or blows grass through the system and out the discharge chute. Not going slower or faster. Mowers are designed with the fast speeds for transit only. So you have 3 yards in one area and they're 100 yards apart. You don't load up the mower and waste your money and time there. No, your mower with a 10MPH speed (which means full throttle, Blades disengaged) will get you there faster. Plain and simple. You have a fairly good mower to show you how your next true commercial product will handle. Yes it's commercial but definitely not in the same class as the companies who have been manufacturing true commercial ZTR's for decades. (not getting into a pissing contest here folks, just stating a fact). Keep the mower, it will tell you definitely whether this is the path for you. Just go a bit slower.
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