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Originally Posted by BestImpressions99 View Post
Wow orange... afraid of the competition? Everyone makes mistakes dude, I'm sure you did too at one point and time before you became the "archangel of mowing".

Justin I will agree though that working for someone else would have been the better route to go. BUT... that's in the past. Let's deal with the present so you can get to the future. Also, just make sure that when you are turning you don't just "yank and bank" the drive handles to try to spin as fast as you can. Do 3 point turn arounds. Tears up less grass that way.
Not afraid at all. I haven't made any mistakes so far because I went about owning and operating a legitimate business the right way. I studied, did research on equipment, talked to accountants and a few lawyers, got schooled by my brother-in-law who manages a 100mil a year lumber company. He helped me understand the business side to a point where I felt I was ready to go all in and open my company. I did so with new equipment that I bought so I could offer the services I wanted to start out with. It was paid off the second season because I had a business plan and a budget I had to stick too. All this and I managed to keep the mortgage paid, food on the table for my family and a much easier life to deal with.

I guess the only mistakes I've made was the first time I operated a ztr. I torn the grass some before I figured out "ON MY OWN" how to operate the thing safe and not tear up the grass.
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