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Originally Posted by Mark Oomkes View Post
So do you think the CEO and President of Boeing\GM\whatever company you want to pick, is down on the line with every employee every single day?


You guys do realize there a lot of companies out there with good\great employees that get their work done on time without sacrificing quality and the owner is NOT on the job site with them, don't you?

Must be all 1 -3 man outfits giving this guy advice.

You realize, that given proper training, oversight and information, you can actually get employees that will do almost or as good of work as the owner?

Or are you all micro-managers?

Maybe the reason you can't get more work is because you are unable or unwilling to delegate and trust people to do the work you train and expect of them.

I am flabbergasted at all you that think that quality is automatically going to tank if he is not on the crew with his employees every day, watching their every move, micro-managing the snot out of them.

As for the last part of your comment, seriously? Given proper training, information and oversight, there is no reason employees should not get work done in a set amount of time--regularly, with exceptions for weather.
I agree with you 100%, most people don't think with a managment mentality, but that they are the only one that can do it right. I am looking forward to the day I can walk away from my operation for a week and come back to see no changes in operation. It isn't going to be overnight and takes alot of personal and business growth but can be done. Back to the topic at hand, 60 average properties should be done in a weeks time if not 4 days leaving friday to pick up as a rain or extra work day. Letting the guys know that the properties pay X dollars and the get performed to this level of quality, if you can't do it during the week then you'll be here on Saturday.
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