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Back in the day

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15 lawns should be done by 1 or 2pm. I cut 42 today with my third guy showing up at 11pm.... These are not small lawns. 20 plus are a acre plus.... How u make money like that?2 Zs with one guy whipping. We do 135 every week in 4 days. Some weeks 2 guys will get it done in 45 hrs. You need to move faster. Plan and simple.....
Very true!!! Light a fire under your help!
When I was a young man/boy (40 years ago) working for a crew, we started our first house at exactly 7 a.m. by 1 p.m. we had at least 15 yards done. We where paid a weekly salary 25 yards a day, five days a week if it rained we would have to work even harder to try to get caught up or work Saturday. Same pay whether we did the work in 6 or 10 hours in a day, but if quality suffered he made us redo the yard. Guys are soft these days if a three man crew can't get 35-40 account done in a day. The equipment is ten times as efficient as it was back then.
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