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Originally Posted by XtraGrass View Post
I was looking in the $5K range, but the mower shop less than 1 mile from my land only carries Scag and Simplicity. The 61" models of the freedom z and citation put me into the $6.5 to $8 K range. I really don't want to go smaller than 61". I'm in the Louisville, Ky area and Louisville Tractor carries Scag and John Deere. I feel like I should try to work with the mower shop near me instead of going to a larger place like Louisville tractor, because I'll probably get my mower serviced at the local store. Also, the store quoted me $6500 for Briggs and Stratton freedom z vs $7300 for Kohler freedom z. Is the Kohler really worth $800 more?
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Your not going to find any new Scag with a 61in deck or any for that matter for 5k around Louisville.

Bluegrass Lawn and Garden does have a new closeout 2011 Scag Tiger Cat with 61in deck for under 8k with Kohler, if you were considering spending 7300 for the Freedom Z.
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