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Originally Posted by Mickhippy View Post
Fair enough. I to get a little annoyed at using my hand to operate my chute. Its very easy to use but yeah, I understand what your saying.
IMO, I would probably consider the PC first. I just see all those parts and the high mount on the GF being a bit of a bugger (hitting low branches etc) not to mention the size of the foot control looks to take up quite a bit of room on the floor pan. Thats just going off that vid though, may not be so bad in person.

Its a pitty the existing blocker isnt working for you. Makes sense what your saying though. Mine gets a lot of build up on it especially when grass is moist. The last blocker I made I put holes in it, they chocked up so fast it was pointless having them there.

In the mean time, can you remove the guillotine blocker all together?
Does your chute have a spring on the hinge?
The one I made up for the SZ, the chute has a spring, I removed the plastic chute, spot welded some checker plate onto some angle iron and bolted it to the existing hinge. The spring keeps it closed unless there is a lot of build. Was seriously cheap to make out of scrap. I just use some chain to open close because it was easy to put together and its all cheaply replaceable.

But yes, a PC would be nice but I wouldnt be able to trust long term service. Exposed moving parts and electric's would be a concern. That said, I havent even seen one in person so take what I say with a gain of salt.
Yes I already removed it and am running bare (no chute at all). Which means I'm blowing clippings places I'd rather not at times till I figure something out. My dealer has been super. I called and explained the situation and he said just bring it back and he gave me a full refund for it!

It's really odd, it seems like a lot less clippings coming out of the discharge than on a SZ. Clippings are almost none extant as far as causing problems. I have just noticed today some stragglers sticking up here and there with no pattern in the super wispy fescue. I need to find out whats causing this.
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