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Originally Posted by mtmower View Post

Thanks for the response. I think it's awesome for a company to have a rep on line here to answer questions and help out. Above and beyond!

I do have a question. I have approx 7 hr. on my 460 and just today noticed stragglers every so often in no apparent pattern in my very wispy fescue type grass and even a few here and there in blue grass. Almost like I'm lacking vacuum to stand it up. It will be like one or two separate blades of grass every 5 feet or so in no apparent pattern. Made sure the bottom of the deck was clean and blades still look good. Do you offer different blades as optional? Maybe a higher lift? I need to purchase a second back up set of blades anyway.
I have found the x-factor deck likes razor sharp blades. That being said the only stringers I have had were in fine fescue at fast speeds. When I slowed down a bit it was cured. When I put fresh blades on I was able to mow at top speeds again in fine fescue. In all other northern grasses I have not had any stringers.
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