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Well I didn't end up buying that Snapper.

When I got there, the guy wasn't home so his wife showed it to me. It started first pull and ran very smoothly... But when I put it in 1st gear and squeezed the handle, it didn't move. So I tinkered with it a little more and it wouldn't move. So she called him and he was like "well it worked a month ago".. I left and told her to have him call me if he wanted to. So he called like 20 mins later and said he "tapped" on the drive pulley and now its working great! Yeah, I don't buy it. All it had going for it was the motor.. The bag was all tore up and it was just not something i wanted to mess with.. So then I look on CL, and he re-painted the clutch cover and fuel cap, and gave it a bath and raised the price! What a dork..
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