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Originally Posted by charmill26 View Post
i think we should all just quit now and give orangemower our businesses
No, that's OK. I have enough to keep me busy.

My point was that you don't just buy a mower you've never even tried to operate and actually cut a private residential property to "see" if you want to do this. That's totally the wrong way of going about it wouldn't you say? Sure I've made mistakes but I didn't dive into a empty pool either. I knew what I was up against before I even got a mower. I sat down and loaded the dining room table with papers stacked up with notes and other info that I felt I needed. I covered the entire spectrum of lawn and landscape maintenance so I was completely aware of everything I was up against. When the time came to start digging deep into the equipment I'd need, I didn't just buy something used to see if I wanted to do this for a living, I already knew I was going to do it and knew what my income potential was going to be BEFORE I bought any equipment. In other words, I knew what size I needed because of the area. So I then shopped around (and yes I did make a few mistakes) and "thought" I made a good choice and bought a Cub Cadet. Wrong. It was the worse choice I to this day have made for my business. I within a month had a Scag Tiger Cub with collection system, striping kit and some other stuff. I had to go over budget but the return on the first season of leave clean ups that I had gotten, paid for the bagger kit 2 times over.

I think you understand where I'm coming from. Nobody including myself is perfect but if you have a plan drawn out, and we both know the numbers don't lie, you have a MUCH high chance of success in the business. Wouldn't you agree?

I have a sun up to sun down day tomorrow so if I find this thread on Sunday I'll see if I can answer your questions that you might be concerned with.
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