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Originally Posted by orangemower View Post
No, that's OK. I have enough to keep me busy.

My point was that you don't just buy a mower you've never even tried to operate and actually cut a private residential property to "see" if you want to do this. That's totally the wrong way of going about it wouldn't you say? Sure I've made mistakes but I didn't dive into a empty pool either. I knew what I was up against before I even got a mower. I sat down and loaded the dining room table with papers stacked up with notes and other info that I felt I needed. I covered the entire spectrum of lawn and landscape maintenance so I was completely aware of everything I was up against. When the time came to start digging deep into the equipment I'd need, I didn't just buy something used to see if I wanted to do this for a living, I already knew I was going to do it and knew what my income potential was going to be BEFORE I bought any equipment. In other words, I knew what size I needed because of the area. So I then shopped around (and yes I did make a few mistakes) and "thought" I made a good choice and bought a Cub Cadet. Wrong. It was the worse choice I to this day have made for my business. I within a month had a Scag Tiger Cub with collection system, striping kit and some other stuff. I had to go over budget but the return on the first season of leave clean ups that I had gotten, paid for the bagger kit 2 times over.

I think you understand where I'm coming from. Nobody including myself is perfect but if you have a plan drawn out, and we both know the numbers don't lie, you have a MUCH high chance of success in the business. Wouldn't you agree?

I have a sun up to sun down day tomorrow so if I find this thread on Sunday I'll see if I can answer your questions that you might be concerned with.
Originally Posted by charmill26 View Post
I do agree completely with this statement. Everyone does start somewhere. Some higher up than others. Buying a ztr and experimenting on clients lawns to see if you like mowing for a living isn't necessarily the best way to get started. But everyone starts in different situations. You (orangemower) seemed to start in a very organized and financially prepared/knowledgable manner. Which I do respect greatly. But not everyone can start that way.
Funny, I heard a competitor speak at a banquet last week who has been in business for close to 60 years now. Bought his mowers from his brother and was in the lawn business. Didn't know squat about the business though.

I'm not knocking anyone for doing their research, good for them. Great in fact. But I'm also not going to knock someone for jumping in headfirst and learning by experience. The real world is a far better instructor than any book or college.
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