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Originally Posted by charmill26 View Post
I do agree completely with this statement. Everyone does start somewhere. Some higher up than others. Buying a ztr and experimenting on clients lawns to see if you like mowing for a living isn't necessarily the best way to get started. But everyone starts in different situations. You (orangemower) seemed to start in a very organized and financially prepared/knowledgable manner. Which I do respect greatly. But not everyone can start that way.
Originally Posted by Mark Oomkes View Post
Funny, I heard a competitor speak at a banquet last week who has been in business for close to 60 years now. Bought his mowers from his brother and was in the lawn business. Didn't know squat about the business though.

I'm not knocking anyone for doing their research, good for them. Great in fact. But I'm also not going to knock someone for jumping in headfirst and learning by experience. The real world is a far better instructor than any book or college.
Both of you are right. I just hate to see guys just dive in without knowing what they are getting into.

I appreciate the respect as I DID do tons of research and lots of number crunching and got lots of headaches before I knew I could make it work.

No, my brother-in-law doesn't know the specifics on operating a lawncare business but he knows how to "manage" a large business and make that business very profitable. A whole lot of the same thing goes on in a large business as does in a small business. He helped me on the administrative side of things with numbers and how to manage the business by reading the numbers. He was a huge help. Had he not stepped in and helped I might have went a different route. Either way, thanks for understanding.

To the OP. He should step back and take his time. I realize everyone has to start somewhere. I just hate to see guys jump in not knowing at all what they are getting into. I do agree, on hands training/experience is the best you can get. Anyone can read a book and say they know "how to" ..... but have they ever done it?
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